Lyngen Alps Day 4

leaving the village of UloyaOur second trip to the island of Uloya. This time a different drop off on the other side of the island at a small fishing port.

Tonnes of stock fish were drying in the cold air and we had a chance to look in the old village shop, just about the only building on the island with any signs of life.

We took a line up through the trees to about 380m and after a short stop continued a traverse with views out over the fjord. we really lucked out compared to the previous day with blue sky and temperature at about -2c just about perfect for 5 hours of skinning!

We hadnt seen many people out here in all the previous days but today we passed an old italian guy on snow shoes, by himself, at about 1000m edging his way up to the summit. He turned out to be from gressoney, which is a cracking little italian resort in the Aosta valley where houghty and I have skied a couple of times with Shep. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

Another 2 hours and we reached the summit in the most perfect conditions. All of us were eager to start the descent having had celar views of the powder fields lying below us almost the entire way down to the beach. The majority of the descent looked like a wide open powder paradise and all of us were brimming with anticipation.

It did not disappoint. It is no exaggeration to tsay that this was in the top 5 best descents of my life.

At the top the powder was shin to knee deep and soft with about a 35 degree gradient, just about perfect for safe fast quick turns and Houghty and I put in some great tracks. A little lower down a thin wind crust had developed which made the turns more solid and required slighlty more effort but wow was it worth it!! 

We were all shouting for joy the whole way down and a few short stops for Shep to set up the camera were welcome in order to savour the moment.

In the distance we could see the boat leaving the harbour to come and collect us having radioed them at the half way point. We continued the decent down to the dense tree lien where we shot through the trees and into short stream valleys until we hit the road and shot straight over to the beach. The boat annchored off and sent the small dingy to collect us and several ferry trips were needed  for all the kit and the 7 of us. As we motored away from the island our entire track line could clearly be seen rolling off from the summit and snaking down the side of the mountainm then disappearing into the trees. Quite a sight!

What a day! 

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